Eva Illouz: “Today we consume each other, and offer others the spectacle of our own bodies”

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – The Franco-Israeli sociology professor asserts in her latest essay that sexuality creates new social inequalities.

By Alex Vicente (El Pais)

Franco-Israeli sociologist Éva Illouz (born in Fez, 59) specializes in the study of the consequences of capitalism on our sentimental relationships. Professor at the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris, where important seminars are held, she published two new essays this quarter: The end of love (Threshold), where she deepens her diagnosis of the post-romantic model we are entering, and Forms of sexual capital (Spirit), co-authored with Dana Kaplan. She describes how physical appearance and sexual attraction have taken a decisive place in our economic model.

How would you define sexual and emotional capital? How to quantify it?

We can extend the concept of capital proposed by sociologist Pierre Bourdieu more than 30 years ago. I seek to understand how an individual monetizes his person in the context of capitalism, how he uses his appearance and his attributes

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