Even minor mistakes can harm your eyes, so if you want to avoid, keep these things in mind

To see the beauty of nature, we need the full lifespan of the eyes. But there is a possibility of damaging our eyesight due to minor mistakes everyday. Ignoring the health of the eyes can become a problem for a lifetime. We all know that looking at the screen for a long time has a bad effect on the mind and eyes, but apart from this, some of our daily habits also affect the eyes.

Rubbing eyes

Intentionally or unknowingly, we rub our eyes throughout the day. Sometimes we do this to feel fresh, sometimes we have to remove the particles lying inside the eyes. But if you have such a habit then leave immediately because you are carrying bacteria and germs in your eyes. This is also due to the eyes being pink.

Rubbing of the eyes can have serious consequences. According to a report, this can damage the cornea forever. In addition, the delicate veins around the eyes may also break.

Expiry makeup on eyes

When it comes to makeup, we are rarely able to check its expiry. Makeup users tend to be oblivious to spoiled, fake and expiry materials. Do not use the same mascara, liner and kohl pencil for a long time. This can cause eye irritation and poor eye infection. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has suggested that after three months the makeup of the eyes should be removed.

Use of wrong sunglasses

The sun also causes the most damage to the eyes. One option to protect the eyes from the sun is to apply good quality sunglasses. By using sunglasses, not only will you look beautiful but it will also be useful to keep the eyes healthy. Sunglass protects against ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun. Apart from this, it also provides protection to the skin. So invest the amount on quality sunglasses.

Go to bed makeup

If you think that removing the makeup from the skin is enough, then you are wrong because your eyes are more sensitive than the skin. You brush the eyelids and skin with a brush and tissue. If you fall asleep with eye make-up, it will go inside the cornea. Which will cause infection and headlines. So never forget to clean the eyes before sleeping. Also keep in mind that when going to clean the eyes, use natural cleaner. Avoid using a chemical cleaner.

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