Excess consumption of lemon can spoil your health, know how

Health Care Tips: Most people use lemon to increase immunity. For this, people take all kinds of measures, whether it is to drink lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning or to eat by adding lemon juice to salad-vegetables. Apart from this, do you know that eating too much lemon can have a bad effect on your health. Yes, it is true that excessive consumption of lemon can put your health at risk. By the way, nowadays most people prefer to consume lemonade, because it has many health benefits. Not only this, lemon is helpful in preventing dehydration in the body and reducing weight. But we should always avoid consuming anything in excess. At the same time, tell that it is right to consume everything in balanced quantity. So here we will tell you how too much lemon can be harmful for you.

Too much lemon can damage teeth, know how

Lemons are highly acidic, so consuming too much lemon can damage your teeth, as lemon can damage the enamel of your teeth. Therefore, excessive consumption of it should be avoided.

Excess lemon can cause migraine problem, know how

Lemon is rich in tyramine. It is higher in lemons than in other fruits, which is often associated with headaches. Therefore, excessive lemon can also cause migraine problem.

Consumption of too much lemon can cause stomach upset

People believe that lemonade often relaxes the stomach. But do you know that excessive consumption of lemon can cause disturbances in the digestive system, due to which there can also be nervousness and vomiting, so avoid excessive consumption of lemons .

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