Excess use of chicken can cause harm, can cause serious illness, know how

In today’s era, many people are fond of eating non-veg food. Some people consider her fashion, then some people have become accustomed to her food. It is said that it contains many essential nutrients for health. Fish, mutton is fine, but due to eating chicken, the body is afraid of many diseases.

Shopkeepers inject oxytocin on these animals to increase speed, so eating its meat has a bad effect on people’s health. Especially because of her consumption, men and women are afraid of having fertility problems and because of that they feel very difficult to become parents.

There are many other reasons why chicken should not be eaten. From the places used to sell animals, it becomes difficult for the chicken to breathe. Chicken is also very difficult to walk in those shops. Due to this, the chicken suffer from many diseases. By eating sick chicken meat and eggs, bacteria get into the body, which causes many diseases.

Fertility problems in women- Women who eat more chicken are less likely to become mothers. Due to its use, the amount of oxytocin in the body increases, due to which the DNA and hormones of the woman become imbalanced, which can lead to reproductive problems.

Problems in men Due to this, the problem of reproduction is also seen in men. By eating too much chicken, they lack sperm, due to which men may be unable to become father.

Its remedy To prevent these diseases occurring in the body, the use of chicken should be given up. Instead of that, eating goat meat or fish is favorable. If those who cannot control the eating of chicken, then they should buy from the organic poultry farm and use it.

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