Excess use of sugar is not good for your children, the loss was revealed in research

If you want brain development of your children, then avoid feeding them more sugar. New research has shown that excessive use of sugar affects children’s memory and learning ability. Children are the biggest consumers of high sugar, even high sugar diet has been linked to health problems like obesity and heart disease, besides poor working memory.

Use of excess sugar is harmful for children

Research from the University of Georgia suggests that excessive use of sugar, especially the vital parts of learning and memory, has a negative impact on the hippocampus. Scientists have proved the disadvantage of excessive use of sugar by experimenting on mice. The rats were given sweet drinks every day. During research, it was found that due to habit, the normal work of learning and memorization in childhood had a negative effect.

Affects memory and ability to learn

Excess sugar causes such changes in the bacteria of the stomach, which cause a decline in memory. The mice children were given a solution made of sugar with a normal dose, similar to a common sweet drink. Those mice were then subjected to hippocampus-based work. Researchers found that mice that used sugar in early life were affected by their ability to differentiate its contents, while rats that abstained from sugar were not affected.

He concluded that the excessive use of sugar in childhood obviously affects the ability to learn and memorize. However, he said that more research needs to be done about this, so that the connection between the stomach and the brain can be identified. He said, “Now is the year, how does intestinal bacteria spoil brain development?”

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