Executive salaries: what are the best paying positions?

Posted Nov 18, 2022 12:33 PMUpdated Nov 18, 2022 12:41 PM

Apec (association for the employment of executives) has just dissected the remuneration of executives in post in France over the past five years. A study which focused on less than 111 job families and which not only provides a picture of the salaries of executives but also identifies the trades and positions that pay the best.

To this end, Apec has questioned more than 10,000 executives over the years on their professional situation, their initial training, the position they occupy within their company, as well as their remuneration. With the idea in mind of giving executives a guide to help them in their career choices, including if they are considering retraining.

Strong differences according to professions and sectors

First lesson of this study, the median gross annual salary of executives in office (taking into account the fixed remuneration and the variable part) is 51,000 euros. A figure to put into perspective, however.

Indeed, this median covers various situations. On the one hand, 80% of executive salaries are in fact within a range of 36,000 to 85,000 euros. On the other hand, this median remuneration varies greatly according to the family of occupations. For example, it is only 48,000 euros in the sales administration professions. And it reaches 69,000 euros in IT management jobs.

However, this Apec study, which is above all a compilation of sector sheets, makes it possible to highlight the trades offering salaries above this national median of 51,000 euros.

Excluding management, the job of treasurer is the most profitable

The most enviable position seems to be that of treasurer. It is indeed, according to data from Apec, the profession that best pays executives in office this year. The median annual remuneration for this profession reaches 63,000 euros gross. They are closely followed by executives working in trade and large accounts (61,000 euros).

Other professions still offer compensation above the median, even if they do not offer the previous levels. With a salary of 56,000 euros, the position of sales management remains attractive. Just like, at 52,000 euros, the customer relations manager, the after-sales services administrator or even the tender manager.

In management positions, the prize goes to executives who exercise their profession within human resources with a median remuneration of around 82,000 euros. These executives are ahead of their colleagues in marketing or even sales departments (respectively 79,000 and 78,000 euros in median compensation) or administrative and financial management (75,000 euros).

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