Eye hypertension: what is the risk of developing glaucoma?

HEALTH ADVICE – Contrary to popular belief, having too much pressure in the eye is not necessarily synonymous with glaucoma. However, this symptom should be monitored regularly.

You have ocular hypertension, this is to watch out for.When Raphael, 34, went to his routine ophthalmologist appointment, this diagnosis struck him as a little cold shower. Ocular hypertension – or “ocular hypertonia»- is in fact the main risk factor for glaucoma, an eye disease associated with the progressive destruction of the optic nerve and therefore with a total or partial loss of vision. Glaucoma is also the leading cause of absolute blindness.

Fortunately for Raphaël, ocular hypertension does not necessarily lead to glaucoma. “About 10% of patients with ocular hypertension develop glaucoma after five years, without treatment. And with treatment, this risk is halved», Reassures Professor Philippe Denis, head of the ophthalmology department at the Croix-Rousse hospital in Lyon and president of the French Glaucoma Society.

The origins: a clogged filter

Hypertension of the eye has nothing to do with general hypertension

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