Faced with Covid, new restrictions in China

China is continuing its “zero Covid” policy with the announcement, this Saturday April 30, of new restrictions from May 5. These measures were unveiled on the first day of a long weekend on the occasion of Labor Day, which the Chinese generally take advantage of to travel around the country. This year, the worst outbreak of Covid cases since the start of the pandemic in 2020, has forced many people to cancel their travel.

At the end of these 5 public holidays, the inhabitants of Beijing will have to present a negative Covid test, carried out during the past week, to access many public places as well as public transport. For activities such as sports gatherings and group travel, participants will also need to present a negative Covid test taken within the last 48 hours, along with proof that they have been fully vaccinated.

Reinforcement of the zero Covid policy

In Beijing, the number of new Covid cases stood at 54 on Saturday April 30, according to the National Health Commission. However, faced with the highly contagious Omicron variant, the Chinese authorities are continuing their zero Covid policy, which consists of massively screening the population and setting up containments as soon as the first cases appear.

Since the beginning of April, the 25 million inhabitants of the metropolis of Shanghai, where almost all of the 10,700 new positive cases in the country have been recorded, have thus been subjected to harsh confinement. Some residents have difficulty accessing food and many fear being sent to collective quarantine centres. According to the Shanghai authorities, the new cases have all been recorded in people placed in quarantine or subject to restrictions, which would suggest that the number of contaminations is slowing. Also according to their statements, several hundred companies have been authorized to resume their activities.


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