Faculty of medicine: “teach only consolidated knowledge”

INTERVIEW – Faced with the increase in training in alternative medicine, Professor Frédéric Lagarce advocates for scientific and solid education.

Professor of biopharmacy and vice-dean of the Angers Faculty of Health, Pr Frédéric Lagarce strives to promote the scientific approach at the university.

LE FIGARO. – Why do universities offer training in alternative medicine?

Pr Frédéric LAGARCE. – There is a demand. Health professionals want to add a string to their bow to diversify their response to patients, and people who are not health professionals at all want to buy legitimacy. Continuing education represents a significant turnover for the university, it is a resource which is added to the State grants. And some programs are very profitable.

Your faculty has stopped providing this type of education …

We have removed the DU in homeopathy. The choice was not simple: to train is to legitimize; but it is also to prevent non-academics from picking up on the subject and teaching anything. We solved this dilemma based on

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