Failure of emergency numbers: Orange launches an internal investigation

The investigation entrusted to the general inspection of the group should be concluded within a week, according to a statement from the company on Friday.

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The telephone operator Orange announced Friday, June 4 the launch of an internal investigation “thorough” the day before to identify the dysfunctions that prevented access to emergency numbers throughout France on Wednesday. This unprecedented event could be linked to the death of at least three people including a young child, according to a still very provisional report.

The investigation entrusted to the group’s general inspectorate should be concluded within a week and “will have to carry out the necessary investigations to identify the precise causes of this incident and make recommendations to draw all the necessary lessons”, specifies the group in a press release.

For at least seven hours on Wednesday, from 4:45 p.m., the 15th (Samu), the 17th (police), the 18th (firefighters) and 112 (single European number) were inaccessible or very difficult to access throughout France. , forcing people to call back many times, or to use 10-digit hotlines urgently set up by the authorities.

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