Fake asafoetida can harm health, identify this way

Asafoetida Adulteration Test: Asafoetida enhances the taste of food as well as takes care of health. The tempering of asafoetida in the food works for both. Not only this, asafoetida also protects our body from many diseases. But do you know that if asafetida is not real then it can also harm your health. Therefore it is very important to identify the real asafoetida. In such a situation, here we will tell you how you can identify real asafoetida. Let’s know.

How to Identify Real Asafoetida

1- Let us tell you that if you dissolve real asafetida in water, it becomes white like the color of water. If it is not so, then understand that asafoetida is fake.

2- Even after burning asafetida, you can identify it being fake and real. Let us tell you that on burning real asafoetida, its flame will be bright and it will burn easily. But fake asafetida will not burn easily.

On the other hand, if you take real asafetida in your hand and after that wash your hands with soap, even then its smell does not go away. But the smell of fake asafoetida goes away only after washing hands with water.

4- The real color of asafoetida is light brown. And after adding asafoetida in ghee, it starts swelling and its color becomes red. If this does not happen, then understand that asafoetida is fake.

5- On the other hand, if you are going to buy asafetida, then avoid buying peeled or broken asafetida. Because asafoetida gets spoiled very quickly. In such a situation, its taste gets spoiled. On the other hand, asafoetida should always be wrapped in paper and kept in a jar. With this, the smell of asafetida always remains.

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