Fan asked for 1 crore rupees from Sonu Sood, the actor said – … would have asked for a little more

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood brought migrants home in lockdown in the first wave of Corona epidemic. At the same time, in the second wave, it has helped in getting beds from oxygen cylinders to hospital. Apart from this, he is constantly helping the needy. Sometimes some people make strange demands from Sonu Sood. Something similar has happened once again, when the fans have made a different demand from him.

Actually, a Twitter user demanded one crore rupees from Sonu Sood. A Twitter user named Mahendra Durge tweeted, ‘Sonu Sood sir, one crore do na mujhe’. To this Sonu Sood replied and wrote, ‘Just one crore rupees? Would have asked for a little more.

At the same time, another user asked for a role in Sonu Sood’s next film. A Twitter user named Deepanshu Singh tweeted, ‘Sonu Sood sir, will you give me a role in your next film?’ Responding to this, Sonu Sood wrote, ‘There is no bigger role than helping someone. Take that role, no one is a bigger hero than you.

This is not the first time that people have requested Sonu Sood for such help. Earlier, the prank stars have asked Son Sood to get an iPhone for his girlfriend, trip to Maldives, a car, best internet speed and get married.

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