Fatigue, mental suffering, loss of pleasure… What if it was depression?

PSYCHOLOGY – The Dr Jean-Baptiste Alexanian, psychiatrist, takes stock of the symptoms and treatments of this serious but curable mental pathology.

It happens insidiously without warning, can occur at all ages, and makes daily life difficult for the person who suffers from it and those close to them. You have no doubt recognized it: we are talking about depression here. This disease is very common, as nearly one in 5 people have suffered or will suffer from depression in their lifetime, according to the National Institute of Health and Medical Research.

Without adequate care, this pathology can worsen to have dramatic consequences, the risk of suicide being particularly high. However, many people tend to trivialize their symptoms, to neglect them, and therefore to miss treatment. How do you distinguish between a blast and a genuine depression? Why is recourse to care fundamental? Answers with the Dr Jean-Baptiste Alexanian, psychiatrist and author of a medical popularization channel on YouTube.

LE FIGARO. It is not always obvious

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