Feet remain cold like snow in shoes, so it is not a cold but these diseases can also be symptoms

Health Tips: People are finding it difficult to live in the bitter cold. The whole of North India including Delhi NCR is witnessing a severe winter. Due to the cold, the hands and feet and the whole body remains numb. Even after wearing sweaters, jackets, caps and socks, the body is not able to warm up. Many people’s feet remain cold as ice. Although everyone’s feet are cold in winter, but if your feet remain cold like ice even after wearing shoe stockings, then it can be a sign of many diseases. You should not take this problem lightly. You should consult a doctor once in this matter. Cold feet can be a symptom of these 5 diseases.

1- Stress- If your feet are cold, then it indicates your stress. People who have more stress. The blood flow of the body is affected due to stress, due to which the fingers and thumbs become cold.

2- Diabetes- This complaint occurs when the blood sugar rises in diabetic patients. If your feet are excessively cold, then it can also be a warning sign of diabetes.

3 Cholesterol high- People who have cholesterol problems, the problem of circulation in their body increases. In such a situation, our hands and feet are always cold. If your feet are also cold, then it can also be a problem of cholesterol or inflammation.

4- Hypothyroidism- Even if there is a problem related to thyroid, enough hormones are not produced in the body. Due to which many of your organs are affected. If the feet are always cold then it could be hypothyroidism.

5- Raynaud’s disease- This is a disease in which the body overreacts to cold. Whenever the temperature is low, hands and feet will become cold and numb like ice. Sometimes the color of the hands and feet turns yellow or blue. You need to take this problem seriously.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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