Fibromyalgia: what is the origin of these mysterious chronic pains?

DECRYPTION – Long discredited, this syndrome; which is characterized by a host of symptoms as heterogeneous as they are debilitating, is of increasing interest to scientists.

It is one of those diseases with vague contours, the existence of which was unsuspected not long ago and whose causes still remain very mysterious. Technically, fibromyalgia is now considered a “syndrome”, or “a set of symptoms constituting an entity, and characterizing a pathological state”. In this case, chronic pain (present for at least three months) and diffuse, associated with fatigue, cognitive or sleep disorders. Officially recognized by the World Health Organization in the early 1990s, the existence of fibromyalgia is still sometimes questioned today.

There are several reasons for this: the great variability of the symptoms, their lack of specificity, as well as the absence of measurable biological or physical abnormalities which would make it possible to prove in an indisputable way the reality of this disease. But times are changing. For several years now, more and more scientists have been interested in…

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