Final sprint for the Webb telescope

Hubble’s monumental successor arrived in Kourou for a December 18 launch aboard Ariane 5.

It’s the last straight line. After an incalculable number of delays and considerable additional costs, the James Webb space telescope (JWST or “Webb” for close friends) arrived in Guyana on Tuesday for a take-off scheduled for December 18 aboard a European Ariane 5 rocket. machine, the price of which swelled to 10 billion dollars, the result of a collaboration of more than twenty-five years between the United States, Europe and Canada, arrived by boat from California where he was carrying its last tests at the Northrop Grumman premises located in Redondo Beach.

Often touted as the successor to Hubble, the orbiting telescope that revolutionized astronomy when it was commissioned in 1990 (and still in operation today), the Webb telescope is expected to track down the first and most stars. ancient galaxies but also to detect in just a few hours the presence of atmospheres around rocky exoplanets.

This gigantic instrument, from the

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