Fires, extreme rains, heatwaves … Which French cities are most threatened by the climate crisis?

EXCLUSIVE RANKS – Thanks to the precision of climatologists’ projections, we compared the impact of climate change on the 50 largest cities in France by 2050-2070.

Melting poles, fires in Siberia, hurricanes in the southern hemisphere … We often have a global interpretation of the climatic danger. However, global warming will also change the face of France. From Paris to Perpignan, from Ajaccio to Dunkirk, from Strasbourg to Brest, from Toulouse to Nancy, all the territories of our country will be affected in their own way. To better anticipate this new situation, we immersed ourselves in the latest models of the “Drias” portal, on which climatologists from Météo-France and the Pierre Simon Laplace Institute for climate research worked. With the local data of the 50 largest cities in France, we have built three rankings: that of the rise in temperatures, that of the disruption of rainfall and that of the increased risk of fires. It is a question of quantifying the various perils that our cities run by 2050-2070. With a remarkable level of precision, we can thus see the future face

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