Fires: firefighters under pressure in Western Canada and the United States

In Oregon alone, the “bootleg fire” destroyed ddozens of homes and at least 2 000 people were evacuated.

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Thousands of firefighters were trying Saturday, July 17 to contain the fires which, in a dry, hot and electric climate, are consuming the American and Canadian West, where the means of fighting the fire could quickly be overwhelmed. Nearly 18,000 firefighters were deployed in the United States, where 70 large blazes have already burned 4,000 km2, roughly 40 times the area of ​​Paris, according to the latest reports.

The most devastating, the “bootleg Fire”, in the state of Oregon, alone accounts for a quarter of the damage and remains largely out of control despite the efforts of 2,100 firefighters. As in the whole area, it progresses quickly “because of the heatwave, the drought and the wind”, conditions that should be maintained “several days”, according to the InciWeb claims tracking site. Dozens of homes were destroyed by this blaze and at least 2,000 people evacuated.

On the north side of the border in Canada, more than 300 wildfires remained active Saturday in the province of British Columbia alone. Mexico which has promised its help, in this case the sending of 100 firefighters. More than 50 evacuation alerts for 10,000 homes have been issued by Canadian authorities. According to experts, global warming accentuates extreme phenomena, such as crazy temperatures and the ongoing drought in the West of the United States, but also in Canada.

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