Fires: “We realize that the axes of prevention are not enough”, deplores the National Federation of French Firefighters

Lieutenant-Colonel Aurélien Manenc deplores the failure of prevention against the risks of fire and recalls that 90% of these accidents are caused by man.

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“We realize that the axes of prevention are not enough” to avoid fire-triggering acts such as cigarette butt blasting, Lieutenant-Colonel Aurélien Manenc, member of the National Federation of French Firemen, explained on Saturday August 21 on franceinfo. The FNSPF asks for‘”Increase the penalties and fines for those who, through negligence, incivility or obvious intent, cause fires.”

Throwing away a cigarette butt is punishable by a fine of 135 euros. “It’s ridiculous. You have to understand that 90% of fires are caused by man.” The National Federation of Firefighters offers “to consider what the relief efforts have saved the cost of the intervention, the resources committed, the mobilization of equipment, the damage caused. In the Var, relief has saved more than 200 houses.”

LREM deputy Fabien Matras carries a bill “to consolidate our civil security model, to promote volunteering” which is under discussion in Parliament. “She’s going to be in the Senate in the fall”, explained Aurélien Manenc. “This is the time to reopen the debate on all these actions that can be taken to fight against disasters linked to climate change.”

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