Firoza: A gem that senses danger and warns you

Gemstone Astrology : The importance and miracles of gems have been told in ancient texts. It is believed that gems enhance the luck of a person and remove negative energy. One such gem is ‘Firoza’. According to astrology, special precautions should be taken before wearing any gemstone. The assessment of the position of the planets in the zodiac and horoscope is also considered important.

benefits of turquoise stone
According to gem astrology, Firoza gemstone is said to be best for those people. Firoza stone is considered to bring success in life. Firoza is called ‘Turquaish’ in English. Turquoise gemstone is dark blue in appearance. Looks attractive.

Who can wear turquoise stone?
Firoza stone is considered to be the gem of Jupiter i.e. Guru. Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet in astrology. It is also called Dev Guru Brihaspati, which is also a factor of knowledge, high position, administration etc. This gem is found in Turkey. Firoza is also considered a factor of happiness and prosperity. Turquoise enhances positive mental power. Anyone can wear this gem. But it is considered to be the gem of the Guru and in astrology, if the lord of Sagittarius is the Guru, then it is considered to give good results for the people of this zodiac.

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warns of impending danger
It is said about the turquoise gem. If any danger is about to come on the person wearing this, then it indicates in advance. In the event of danger, the turquoise stone gets cracked. Or there is a special change in its color. In this situation the person should be alert. Cracked turquoise should not be worn and it should be changed.

Why is turquoise stone worn?
According to astrology, turquoise gemstone gives popularity to a person. Social status is strengthened. Removes fear of the unknown. Increases positive energy. Confidence increases. The interest of the person increases in the works of Dharma-Karma. Keeps away from negative energy. In the matter of health also, this gem is considered to give good results.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of validation, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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