Fitness: You are troubled by muscle stiffness, more exercise and yoga can also be the reason, know the tips of rescue

Nowadays, gyms are closed due to corona epidemic, people are doing exercise and yoga at home. Many people start exercising by watching YouTube or any site with the help of a fitness trainer, in such a situation, people may have muscle tightness or twitching. Also called Muscles Fasciculation. Which causes pain. There is also a contraction in the muscles in the torsion. Sometimes, more yoga and exercise also affect the muscles. Actually our muscles are made up of fibers which are controlled by nerves. Many times people do not pay attention to this problem, but sometimes your slight negligence can be overwhelming.

Why is there a twitch in the muscles
Muscle twitch can be caused due to many reasons. Many times physical activity causes lactic acid to accumulate in the muscles, which affects the hands, feet and back the most. Apart from this, tension and anxiety also cause muscle twitch. In medical it is also called nervous ticks. Apart from this, too much alcohol and caffeine also cause this problem. If your body is deficient in Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Calcium, then you may have problems. Eating corticosteroids and estrogen pills also results in muscle cramps.

Treatment of torsion in muscles
If you have more muscle problems, you should consult a doctor.
⦁ Treatment can be started after testing the thyroid and checking the electrolyte levels.
⦁ The doctor may also recommend an MRI or city scan.
⦁ Apart from this lectromography can also control muscle problem.

How to prevent muscle spasms
संतुलित Include balanced nutrients in food.
⦁ Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
शामिल Include whole grains in the food.
लें Get plenty of sleep and consume protein.
योग Do yoga and meditation to remove stress.
न Do not drink caffeine drinks and do not smoke.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the method, methods and claims stated in this article. Take these as suggestions only. Before implementing any such treatment / medicine / diet, please consult the doctor.

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