Florists and chocolate shops open despite re-containment

A little balm in the heart on this first day of confinement for a third of the French. In the 16 departments subject to the new restrictions from Saturday, florists and chocolate makers will be able to remain open. The same goes for car dealerships and musical instrument repair and maintenance stores. The Minister of the Economy assures to make by doing ” tailored “. Bruno Le Maire justified these adjustments on France Inter: “Why florists? Because they sell almost half of their stock at spring time. Why chocolate makers? Because we have Easter coming up and they make a very large part of their sales in that period. ”

Containment: what can or cannot be done in the departments concerned?

The list of authorized businesses has grown. Details were provided in a decree published in the Official Journal on Saturday, March 20. In addition to the businesses that had been able to remain open during previous confinements, the Ministry of the Economy specified the newly authorized categories:

– “trade in plants, flowers, seeds, fertilizers, seeds, plants of fruit or vegetable species, pets and food for these animals in specialized stores”

– “retail sale of cocoa, chocolates and confectionery products”

– “hairdressing services”

– “repair and maintenance services of musical instruments”

– “trade in motor vehicles and agricultural machinery by appointment”

The shoemakers remain open

Bercy also clarified a confusion concerning shoemakers: a spokesperson for the Minister for SMEs Alain Griset added shoemakers to this list on Friday, but this profession did not appear as it is in the decree published in the OJ. The ministry clarified on Saturday morning that it was in fact included in the category “Repair of computers and personal and household goods” of the previous decree at the end of October.

According to a government statement Friday evening, this brings to 90,000 the number of businesses that will not be able to open, including the some 25,000 businesses already closed in shopping centers throughout the country, said a government statement.

According to the decree, supermarkets and other stores with an area of ​​more than 400 m2 can only welcome the public for activities deemed essential, as well as the sale of “Toiletries, hygiene, maintenance and childcare products”

Employer annoyance

These closure criteria arouse annoyance and anger at Medef. “Bureaucratic madness will be put back in place as in November”, denounced the president of the employers’ organization, Saturday March 20 on Europe 1. Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux sees “A relentlessness”, in the new restrictions. According to him, “It is not in the shops that we contaminate ourselves”.

The confinement announced Thursday, March 18 by Jean Castex will have a minimum duration of 4 weeks. 21 million French people are affected, in Ile-de-France, Hauts-de-France, Seine-Maritime, Eure and Alpes-Maritime. In the areas concerned, a new certificate is necessary to travel, within a radius of 10 kilometers maximum around the home. Travel from or to confined areas is prohibited, except for compelling reasons.

Confinement and curfew: the new certificate to download for travel


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