Follow these home remedies for skin allergy

1- Prickly heat in summer- Summer heat is a common problem. To get relief from prickly heat, take special care of cleanliness and use anti-fungal products. This is a type of skin allergy in which small red colored pimples appear on your back, neck and face. Due to sweating, the pores get clogged and the pimples come out. To cure the prickly heat, you can apply anti-pill powder. Apart from this, aloe vera gel can also be used. Prickly heat is very itchy, which can be applied with lacto calamine lotion to calm it. 

2-Skin Rashes- In summer and rain, many people get skin rashes due to sweat and stickiness. Wet clothes in the rainy season cause cirrhosis disease in which skin rashes occur. Sometimes these skin rashes can also occur all over the body. For this, keep your clothes and body dry. Use powder on rashes. Use regular shampoo to keep the scalp clean. 
3-Fungal Infection from Fungus- Fungal infection is the most common of the rain allergies. Moisture causes fungus and bacteria to grow. Ringworm, athlete’s foot and nail infection are the most common among fungal infections. You should get the fungal infection treated immediately. In this home remedy, wash and clean your skin 2-3 times a day. Try to keep the skin dry. Keep skin moisturized when you have dry skin and keep it clean when you are oily. 

4- Allergy to shoes and clothes- In the rain, some people also start getting allergic to clothes and shoes. Allergies can occur in any part of the body due to moisture in wet and synthetic clothes and due to rubbing of clothes. Similarly, having moisture in the feet can also cause allergies. For this, take care of cleanliness. Dry clothes and shoes thoroughly before wearing them. In monsoon, wear slippers or flip-flops instead of plastic and leather shoes. Wear cotton socks. 

5-Mold allergy- This is a kind of fungal infection. Which happens due to moisture or dampness in the houses. During the rainy season, mold increases due to moisture. If these molds come on food items, then eating such food can also cause skin allergies, asthma and allergic rhinitis. For this, keep the house ventilated and dry.  Clean –Take special care of cleanliness. Eat fresh food. Do not use any old item that shows any mold or fungus. 


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