Follow these things to make wonderful dosa, do not make these mistakes at all

How To Make Dosa: People’s mouth starts watering as soon as they hear the name of Dosa. This special dish of South India is liked by people all over the country. Dosa is very tasty to eat and equally healthy too. People can use it as breakfast or dinner at home. However, eating dosa everyday is injurious to health.

The special thing is that you can make dosa very easily at home, but women make some mistakes in making it at home, which makes it difficult to make. Many times while making dosa at home, it has been seen that the batter does not spread well on the pan and sometimes it sticks on the pan itself, so let us tell you some tips by following which you can make delicious dosa at home.

How to make great dosa

First of all, you have to heat the pan properly. Tawa should not be too hot nor should it be too cold. To check this, you can see by sprinkling water on the pan. After this, you have to put a very small amount of oil on the pan. Often women grease the pan.

After that you spread it properly on the pan. Then let the dosa batter ferment well. Holes will appear when you pour your batter on the pan. If this is not the case then your dosa is not fermented. Due to which the chances of sticking to it are more.

Use an iron pan or you can also use a non stick pan to make good dosa. Apart from this, you need to pay attention to the consistency of the batter while making the dosa.

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