Follow these tips to make hair shiny, strong and silky, will also reduce the fall

Before mixed, chemical products came into the market, people depended on nature for its beauty. Applying chemical to the hair can cause shine for a while. However, it causes irreversible damage. Fortunately, nature has the answers to all the questions. Not only is there a wide range of problems for hair, but it also has the ability to restore its quality.

Green tea

There is a reason to say that green teen is the best material. Green tea contains anti-oxidants such as polyphenols, vitamin E, C. When combined with nutritious elements, it promotes blood flow to the hair follicles and the health of the hair root. Caffeine is helpful in increasing hair growth while anti-inflammatory feature reduces hair fall.

How to use

Prepare a hair mask using egg yolk and a cup of ground green tea. Do not forget to keep the tea at normal temperature. Now use it for hair roots and length. Leave the hair mask on for two hours before washing the hair.


If your hair is dry and damaged, honey can be used. Honey has the properties of fighting, cleansing, strengthening and moisturizing bacteria. You can use raw honey for better results.

How to use

Make a hair mask by mixing a little honey with olive oil. After heating the mixture slightly, apply it once a week. Be sure to wash properly after half an hour.

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