Follow this home remedy to get rid of lips, skin, and ankles in winter

Dryness, roughness and itching on the skin are common complaints due to dry winds as winter comes. Apart from that, the rash of lips and ankles is also often seen. If the problem is not controlled in time, it has a bad effect. Experts say that all these problems are caused by very little use of water.

Dry and chill winds affect human skin. Only 10-15 minutes will be required to maintain the beauty of the skin. Use of home made lotion, serum and moisturizer will get rid of the problem.

Soft and clean hands and feet

In the winter season, the hands and feet, the arm is rough and the skin is wrinkled. Putting hands in cold water also breaks the skin of hands. Experts recommend that for a few days, if you apply a good moisturizer or balm made of glycerin on your hands before sleeping at night, then the skin will look clean, smooth and young.

Facial skin protection

To make the facial skin beautiful and remove stains, mix 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar and 3 teaspoons of ground coriander and mix it well. Now apply that face mask on the face and wash it after 15-20 minutes. It will not only enhance the color, but also make the skin glow.

Lip protection

As a result of drinking less water in winter, the skin of lips also starts to crack like the skin of other organs. The color of the lips fades due to the bursting of the lips. To get rid of complaints, if the cotton cloth is soaked in almonds or coconut oil, then its fragility will be maintained and the cracked lips will become soft. If the cotton cloth is taken in pink color, then the pink color on the lips will also be clear.

Get rid of fungus on foot skin in winter

Wearing thick or woolly stockings in the cold winter leads to fungus in the feet of most people. Itching and confusion are felt as a result of the formation of fungus on the skin of the foot. Vix Vaporb is the cure for the problem. If a small amount of Vicks is rubbed with feet and feet on the nails before going to sleep for a week continuously, you will get benefit very soon.

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