Foods that should never be kept in the fridge

Foods in RefrigeratorMost of the people keep food items in the fridge for a long time due to the fear of spoilage. But there are some foods that need to be kept at a low temperature in the fridge, so that things do not get spoiled for a long time, but there are many things that can be kept at normal temperature. So let’s know which are the food items that need to be kept at normal temperature.

If the tomatoes are raw then keep them at normal temperature so that they can slowly complete their taste and ripening process in the external environment which is not possible in the refrigerator. When they are cooked well, put them in a bag and keep them in the fridge. Actually, the refrigerator stops the process of cooking, so keep any such thing which is raw in normal temperature.

Unpeeled onions should always be kept outside at normal temperature. Keeping them in the fridge can cause moisture in them, due to which they can get spoiled. Whereas, you can keep peeled onions in the fridge.

Many people keep the nuts in the fridge to make them last longer, but let us tell you that do not do this because the nuts absorb the smell of other things kept in the fridge, due to which their taste changes.

By keeping garlic in the fridge, it becomes like rubber and it sprouts. So keep them at normal temperature only.

Honey also does not need to be kept in the fridge. First, it freezes and crystallizes. Use honey by keeping it at normal temperature.

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