For Emmanuel Macron, “the cursed part is never the other’s part”

In a political context marked by the significance of certain recurring themes of the far right, Emmanuel Macron praised the merits of a plural France, Monday evening, November 23, at the Institute of the Arab World (IMA). The Head of State took advantage of the inauguration of an exhibition devoted to the history of Jews in the Arab world. Accompanied by the President of the IMA, Jack Lang, the curator of the exhibition, the historian Benjamin Stora, but also the Chief Rabbi of France Haïm Korsia, and Bishop Pascal Gollnisch, Director General of L’Œuvre d’Orient, he strolled for about fifty minutes between the various works exhibited before giving a speech devoted to the question of identities.

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Emmanuel Macron started from the history of Judaism in the Arab world to underline the capacity of the different communities scattered from Iran to Morocco, from Egypt to the Ottoman Empire, to hybridize in order to survive and prosper through the centuries. From the exhibition emerges “A great lesson in civilization”, he explained: “The fact that, at bottom, identity is always more complex than one thinks, that it rubs against other identities in order to feed off it, and that the cursed part is never the part of the other. “

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“I say it for the nation that we are, for the moment we speak: whatever the difficulties which are ours, to think that they come from the other, from this part of the other, is also an ease. old than humanity ”, he added. “And to think that we should drive out a part of the other, which is basically a part of ourselves, is to increase our unhappiness. “

“Enlightenment Islam”

Emmanuel Macron also defended the effort and the work of knowledge to better understand the culture of the other. He indicated that it was no coincidence that the launch of this exhibition on Eastern Judaism coincided with another devoted to the “Arts of Islam” and presented in 18 museums in 18 cities in France.

“I believe in an Enlightenment Islam”, he said, referring to the start of the work to prefigure a future French Institute of Islamology, led by the philosopher Souâd Ayada. “We must reinvest in Islamology so as not to leave knowledge and understanding of Islam as a religion but also as a civilization to others, to ideological debates, reductionism and, in fact, already, to obscurantism. “

Emmanuel Macron has inscribed his vision in “Values ​​of brotherhood, of tolerance, which are the very cement of the humanism of the Enlightenment”. Broadening the gaze to the Arab world and more generally to the Middle East, he invited the countries of this region to consider that “Our civilizations, our cultures, are an access to the spiritual, to geographies, to knowledge, and always a path of emancipation and dialogue. A path that allows us to live together because we combine all of this ”.

Cultivate hospitality

Returning to France, the Head of State considered that “Identities exist only in their capacities to find their own harmonics and to ring together”. “Those who want to take it away or forget it are taking something away from France and the Republic”, he denounced. “Those who want to make them dissonant betray the path of France and the Republic. Because they have been there for a long time and have been coming together long before us. “

It is by cultivating hospitality that“A nation can live in peace and harmony”, he concluded. “It is this path that France must pursue for itself and that it must, stubbornly, laborious, seek to build wherever it is, where it has friends, in the rest of the world. “


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