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The Witness of the Scriptures

A beautiful reflection by Jean-Michel Hirt, crossing the Bible, the Koran and monotheistic mystical thoughts on the question of identification with the great figures that are Moses or Jesus. Pages open around our resonance with their stories and representations, which allow us to refine our image of ourselves.

Actes Sud, coll. “The breath and the spirit”, 142 p., 15 €

Of soul

With poetry and depth, the writer François Cheng details, in the course of letters to a friend, the requirement necessary to take care of oneself and the love that one carries, with a Breath source of word and of life. “In a being, the beauty of the soul is reflected in the eye and is reflected in a set of gestures. It touches us beyond words. Only silent tears sometimes manage to convey the emotion it arouses. “

The pocket book, 192 p., € 7.20

From self-esteem to self-esteem

Canadian priest and doctor in psychology, Jean Monbourquette (1933-2011) in this work goes beyond the question of contemporary methods of becoming oneself to deepen in a clear and very practical way the importance of self-esteem, the notion of Self according to Jung. and the stake of the Christian faith in the process of accomplishment.

Bayard pocket, 320 p., 12 €

Prayer. Little practical guide

Discalced Carmelite from the province of Paris, Brother Dominique Sterckx synthesizes, in this small book for the general public, the practical tracks and reflections to initiate oneself to personal prayer in a lay context with busy schedules. With, also, avenues to overcome the pitfalls and accept the difficulties of long-term practice.

Ed. Emmanuel, 160 p., € 13

Be yourself. Another history of philosophy

A vast and imposing historical and philosophical synthesis by Claude Romano on the way of thinking, in the West since Antiquity, the transformation of each existence into a subject, conscious of itself and the search for its authenticity.

Folio essays, 768 p., € 15.90

To end with oneself

In this powerful essay, professor of legal theory Laurent de Sutter questions the modern injunction to become someone. For him, “self” does not exist and hides a “police force of being” where “to change one’s life” would amount to normalizing it a little more. To be free, one would therefore have to abandon the self and accept to become… anyone.

Laurent de Sutter, PUF, 224 p., € 16

Documentary films

The Soul, a force in his life?

In this recent film by Valérie Seguin, against a background of beautiful images, a myriad of speakers (Frédéric Lenoir, Thierry Janssen, Laurent Gounelle or Agnès Stevenin) present the contemporary discourse around the soul and becoming oneself in the field of news spiritualities and personal development.

Narration by Hélène de Fougerolles, 2021, 11:11 a.m. Available in VoD on Vimeo, iTunes, etc.

The Prayer of Teresa of Avila

A documentary film by Léo Brézin to enter into Carmelite spirituality through the practice of prayer, with beautiful reflections on the simple beauty of this embodied meditative practice.

2015, 52 mins. Available in VoD on Vimeo.


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