For one year of marriage, the newly married couple remains upset, this is the reason

Marriage is a big decision in life and it is not easy to take. Whether it is a boy or a girl, there is panic in the mind of both before and after marriage, because the life of both of them suddenly changes. In such a situation, it is very important that you understand the bride and groom because at such times they need emotional support a lot. So let’s know what are the things that keep bothering the bride and groom mentally and the same things keep revolving in their mind for almost a year.

Increased responsibilities
It is not hidden from anyone that after marriage, the life of both the boy and the girl changes. The girl who was once careless with herself has to care about everyone. Mother-in-law, husband, the whole family have to take everyone along, while the boy who never used to take responsibility for himself, starts taking care of the smallest needs of his life partner. In such a situation, sometimes it may happen that if you see a difference in their behavior, then you have to not only explain them with love but also make them feel that you are with them every moment.

The newlyweds get worried about the future.
Before marriage, everyone spends with open arms. It is obvious that after marriage, whether boy or girl, both of them start worrying about their future, in such a situation, the tension of savings can disturb them mentally, but if you explain to them that gradually there is a slight reduction in expenses. The future can be secured by tax. Put this thing in their mind that when small savings will become big, you will not even know.

It is natural to be troubled by the responsibility of two families at once.
You cannot expect from any person that someone will adopt another family as his family in one stroke. This whole process takes time and instead of imposing any family on the new couple, you should explain to them that this new family is also yours who will stand by you in every happiness and sorrow. Give them a chance to understand their new family closely and then adopt them, then see how the boy adopts the girl’s family and how the girl mixes with her new family.

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Relationship Advice: This is the reason why the newly married couple remains troubled for a year after marriage


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