For the Pope, the catechists are “the messengers of the Gospel”

The Pope received, on Saturday January 30, the 65 members of the Office of Catechesis of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, reports Vatican News, the information portal of the Holy See.

Considering that catechists more often ” generous laity “, François recalled – are the” messengers of the gospel “, He invited them to always listen” from the heart of man “And to show oneself continuously” attentive to renew “.

The Vatican wants to decompartmentalize the catechism

The privileged space of a personal encounter with God

There is no catechesis without testimonies of men and women in flesh and blood ”, considers the Pope for who she is “ the privileged space to promote a personal encounter with God ”.

“The goal of catechesis is to be in touch with Christ”

Faithful to his concrete style and always concerned with pedagogy, François gave his audience some advice on announcing the Word of God and sharing it: “ expressing the saving love of God before moral and religious obligation; not to impose the truth but to appeal for freedom; possess a certain note of joy, stimulation, vitality, and a harmonious completeness which does not reduce preaching to a few doctrines sometimes more philosophical than evangelical “.

Don’t be afraid to speak the language of men

In addition, considers the Pope, catechesis must constantly be renewed, “ understand the problems that emerge from the heart of man to lead them back to the hidden source: the gift of love and that saves », In the words of Paul VI. not

The Pope thus exhorted the catechists not to be afraid to speak the language of the men of today, to listen to their requests and weaknesses, to develop new instruments which make it possible to transmit today the richness of the kerygma.

Reiterating his wish for a “ Happy Church with the face of a mother, who understands, accompanies, caresses ”, he also invited the Italian catechists to turn to young people “ disappointed “, Foreigners, the discouraged, to get closer to” wounded of life And to dialogue with those who have different ideas.

Pope Francis invites catechists to “know how to change”


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