Fossil fuels: global forecasts shatter the climate target

According to a report published by the UN Environment Program, the world continues to move away from the goal of global warming limited to 1.5 ° C.

Here is something to further increase the pressure on international negotiators who meet from October 31 for the Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. In a report published on Wednesday by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the “Gap report production», A team of international researchers notes that the countries are far from being on the trajectory of the climate objectives set by the Paris agreement of 2015. Governments indeed plan to produce in 2030 a quantity of fossil fuels more than twice greater than that compatible with the objective of limiting global warming to + 1.5 ° C compared to the pre-industrial era (red curve in the infographic below).

Fossil production must begin to decline immediately and dramatically to achieve this goal., recalls Ploy Achakulwisut, researcher at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), and lead author of the report. Now it is

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