France-Belgium: the Blues overthrow the Red Devils after a crazy match and join Spain in the final of the League of Nations

Roberto Martinez, the Belgian coach, has yet to wonder how his team could let this place in the final slip through their hands. In the 87th minute of play, Belgium led 3-2 thanks to a second goal from Romelu Lukaku. It was without counting on the intervention of the VAR which invalidated it for an offside of the Belgian striker. The French supporters exploded with joy. But not as much as three minutes later, on the liberation goal signed Theo Hernandez (90th).

Thursday, October 7, in the Juventus Stadium in Turin and at the end of a totally crazy match, the France team therefore overthrew Belgium (3-2) to win a place in the final of the League of Nations. All thanks to a burst of pride from the start of the second period, while Didier Deschamps’ players were led by two goals.

This match, the Blues therefore really started after the break. Or rather, the Belgians stopped playing it at that time. And the situation is terrible for them and their supporters, dumbfounded at the end of the meeting. Faced with the Red Devils cornered in front of their defense, which is undoubtedly their weak point, the Tricolores pushed in front of their supporters who crossed the Alps to attend the meeting. But without being dangerous until this opportunity for Karim Benzema.

To tell the truth, this action is not really an opportunity, but the magician of Real Madrid transformed it as such, to return to a goal of the Belgians (62nd). At the time, Kylian Mbappé played the smugglers. He turned into a savior a few minutes later. The Paris Saint-Germain striker, visibly little marked by his failure in the exercise against Switzerland last June, showed character and did not hesitate to take the ball when the referee of the meeting designated the penalty spot for a foul by Youri Tielemans on Antoine Griezmann. Before transforming him without trembling (69th) to celebrate his 50th selection with a goal.

Neutral supporters at Juventus Stadium were having a blast. Those of Belgium were disillusioned. And for good reason: their team had an almost perfect first period, marked by two goals in quick succession from Yannick Ferreira Carrasco (37th) and Romelu Lukaku (41st). Caught failing twice in a row, and crossed by a feeling of despondency, the France team seemed already eliminated. After being martyred by Switzerland at the Euro, the Blues were still overpowered by one of their neighbors.

It was therefore without counting on this revolt and we do not know what Deschamps said to his players in the locker room at half-time, but the walls certainly shook. In the middle of all this, the coach can thank his captain Hugo Lloris, twice decisive against Kevin de Bruyne (4th, 74th). A few moments before these three absolutely breathtaking minutes, this refused goal from Lukaku, this bar found by Paul Pogba on a free kick (90th) and this goal from Theo Hernandez, newcomer to the France team, on a strike overpowered.

After the defeat in the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup, the French are therefore resuming the Belgians, whose supporters quickly left Juventus Stadium. The fans of the Blues, them, stayed long minutes longer to celebrate their evening heroes. Who will now turn to a final to be played on Sunday evening, at the San Siro stadium in Milan, against Spain. With a title to go for the key. Which would be a nice consolation prize after the failure of the Euro three months ago.

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