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Drug traffic

A fine for the lookouts

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced Monday, May 24, in Marseille, the creation of a new fine, probably € 135, as part of the fight against drug trafficking, for lookouts or hall squatters of building. To characterize this offense, the minister explained that the police could rely on CCTV cameras, police pedestrian cameras, but also on findings and testimonies, evoking, for example, “People screaming because the police are coming “.


Failed attack near Notre-Dame

Inès Madani again before the judges

Jihadist Inès Madani, sentenced for trying to blow up a car near Notre-Dame in September 2016, is retried on appeal from Tuesday, May 25 before the special assize court in Paris. She was sentenced at first instance, in October 2019, to thirty years of criminal imprisonment, a sentence she appealed. Considered the brain of a “Commando” of women, she is retried without the other members of the group, who did not appeal.


Police demonstration

Cross-defamation complaints

The lawyers of Audrey Pulvar, head of the Socialist list in the regional elections in Île-de-France, announced Monday to file a complaint, in turn, against the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin, who had filed a complaint the day before against her . Accusing him of “Defame the police”, the minister denounced the remarks of the candidate, who had qualified as“Quite chilling” the police demonstration in front of the National Assembly on Wednesday 19 May. Me Patrick Klugman, lawyer for Audrey Pulvar, said he will file a complaint for “Slanderous denunciation” against Gérald Darmanin, as well as a complaint for “Defamation”.


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