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Three million families received back-to-school allowance

Since Tuesday, August 17, the family allowance funds have been paying the back-to-school allowance to the most modest families, i.e. € 370 to € 404 depending on the age of the child. While last year an additional € 100 had been granted to face the costs induced by the health crisis (purchase of computers, etc.), no help was granted this year. The purchase of masks to go to school, however, still weighs on budgets, denounce associations.



In the Var, two dead in fires

Two people have died in the fires that have ravaged the hinterland of Saint-Tropez since Monday evening, announced the prefect on Wednesday August 18. In all, 7,000 people were evacuated, and at least 24 injured. More than 1,200 firefighters were deployed to fight this unrestrained fire which destroyed 6,300 hectares of vegetation. Work is underway to restore the electricity and telephone networks. Other smaller fires broke out in Aude, where 90 hectares were destroyed, and in Vaucluse, where 240 hectares of vegetation, including vines and olive groves, were ravaged.



Return of a Frenchman detained for four years in Turkey

Fabien Azoulay, a Frenchman sentenced to sixteen years in prison in Turkey for possession of narcotics, was transferred to France on Tuesday 17th to finish his sentence. “Beautiful news, great relief, the culmination of a collective and fair mobilization”, greeted Secretary of State Clément Beaune. In 2017, the man who is now 43 years old was arrested for buying a vial of a product banned in Turkey on the Internet, which, when ingested, turns into a drug.


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