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Jean Castex launches a forum for dialogue

During a meeting with the party leaders, the Prime Minister on Tuesday set up a forum for dialogue with them on the conditions of the campaign, in the context of the health crisis. It will be chaired by State Councilor Jean-Denis Combrexelle. Among the questions raised, the possibility of having two powers of attorney, coverage of costs related to the Covid, an arrangement of teleworking for teams.



Millas bus accident, the driver tried for “manslaughter”

The driver of a school bus collided with a train at a level crossing in Millas (Pyrénées-Orientales), in December 2017, will be tried in Marseille for “Manslaughter”. He is accused of having caused “Involuntarily” the death of six teenagers and serious injuries to eight others “By recklessness, inattention, clumsiness, negligence (…) in this case by not paying attention to the closed nature of the level crossing”. The driver, 52, allegedly forced “The closed half-barrier”, while she ensures “Not having seen a barrier”.



First transplant of a pig’s heart on a man

A team from the University of Maryland in the United States has successfully transplanted a pig’s heart to a 57-year-old patient. The animal had been genetically modified to limit the risk of transplant rejection, although the long-term effects are unknown. A medical advance that brings hope (in France, nearly 300 people are waiting for a heart), but which poses a myriad of ethical questions.


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