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Severe weather

Storm Barbara deprives 76,000 homes of electricity

She notably swept the South-West, where she caused “Significant damage” on the public electricity network, said the electricity distributor Enedis yesterday. Among the private electricity customers, 15,000 are located in Auvergne. Twelve departments, ranging from the Pyrenees, with gusts expected from 160 to 200 km / h on the summits, to the Rhône valley, had been placed on orange vigilance.



Mixed findings on tocilizumab

Several studies published in the American journal Jama Internal Medicine, Tuesday October 20, did not make it possible to decide on the effectiveness of tocilizumab; it was hoped that this drug could fight the hyper-inflammation responsible for the most severe cases of Covid-19. Three studies have been carried out in parallel: one in the United States and two in Italy and France, at AP-HP, in relatively serious patients with Covid-19. The most encouraging results come from AP-HP. The proportion of patients who had to be transferred to intensive care was halved among those who were treated with this drug.


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