France prepares to use monoclonal antibodies

INFO LE FIGARO – According to our information, the government is considering acquiring new drugs for more than 170 million euros from the American group Eli Lilly.

This is one of the experimental treatments that Donald Trump benefited from last November. A veritable therapeutic revolution over the past twenty years, particularly in the treatment of cancers and certain autoimmune diseases, monoclonal antibodies are also one of the important avenues of drug research against Covid-19, after the failure of the repositioning of many antivirals. And while waiting for their arrival on the market, some countries are already working to ensure that they will be able to offer it to their populations.

Monoclonal antibodies are the same antibodies that are naturally produced by an organism, but selected for specific use. In practice, researchers sift through large amounts of B lymphocytes, the antibody factories in our immune system, until they find one that produces an antibody suitable for the disease you want to treat. Its DNA is “cloned” and reproduced in large numbers in factory cells,

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