Frankish jobs: Elisabeth Borne announces the strengthening of the system

In terms of equal opportunities, on employment, the account is not there for young people. “The Republic is both duties and the promise that everyone can find their place. I cannot accept that a young person cannot find a job because he does not have the right address and the right codes “, affirms Élisabeth Borne Thursday, October 22 in the “4 Vérités”.

This is the meaning of open jobs that encourage employers to hire young people from priority neighborhoods.“Says the Minister of Integration, who announced Thursday morning that”the system is reinforced. “” The aid to employers will be 7,000 euros instead of 5,000 the first year and we are going to set up support before, during and after hiring “, she specifies.

If young people don’t have the codes, we’ll give them. We want equal opportunities, we must have more than 20,000 jobs this year “, concludes the Minister of Labor and Employment on this subject.

We must be uncompromising on secularism and the principle of non-discrimination against women in companies “, assures Élisabeth Borne.

The curfew will be extended to other territories. “The objective is to avoid general containment and the curfew is in effect to reduce interactions in the private sphere and break the dynamics of the pandemic “ coronavirus, explains the minister.

To protect jobs, the government “strengthened the solidarity fund which rose to 10,000 euros per month. Partial 100% activity is extended until the end of the year. We do not want any default because of these restrictions“, recalls Élisabeth Borne.

Unemployment insurance could compensate 420,000 additional people with a record deficit of 18.7 billion euros. “First, we do everything to limit the number of job seekers”, she comments briefly.

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