French seabed: biological resources, a hope for tomorrow

There are not only hydrocarbons and rare metals at the bottom of the sea: surprising organisms can be of precious help in promoting the ecological transition.

The seabed conceals biological treasures which, on paper, promise a healthier future that is more respectful of the environment. “We can think of certain medical applications with drug leads or antimicrobial molecules, explains Pierre-Marie Sarradin, head of the deep ecosystem study research unit at Ifremer. But the subject remains underexploited and for the moment we are only in the infancy. The search for samples is very expensive, and the short-term economic interest lies more in the exploitation of minerals. “ If they remain rare, some projects have already passed the doors of the laboratories.

The Hemarina company developed from the hemoglobin of a sea worm, theArenicola marina, a technology capable of delivering fifty times more oxygen than human blood. The solution makes it possible to keep the grafts in optimal conditions. “This is a fairly representative example

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