Frequent occurrence of urine infection is a sign of these diseases

Urine infection is bothering you again and again, when you take full care of hygiene, then its root may not be due to lack of cleanliness but hidden in mental problems. It has been revealed in many research that people who are surrounded by mental diseases like anxiety, depression, problems related to bladder, frequent urination and frequent urinary infections are surrounded.

  • Not one or two but 26 studies

Health experts, not on the basis of any one or two reports, but in 26 different studies conducted around the world in this subject, it has come to the fore that there is a connection between overactive bladder and depression. Whereas in 6 studies done on anxiety, the same thing has come to the fore that even when there is anxiety, the bladder becomes over active, due to which there is a need to go to urine again and again.

  • These things also came out in research

It has been revealed in different research that the state of fear, depression and excessive mental anxiety affect the function of the bladder. This is the reason why urologists also agree that mental problems affect urine infection, bladder and sexual health.

  • Ways to avoid urine infection

If you are having frequent urine infections and taking medicines, it reduces to some extent but comes again. So you must pay attention to your mental health once. Observe if you are under a lot of stress or the heaviness in your head remains due to worry. If yes, then you should definitely tell these things to your doctor.

1. You should consume more water. Stay away from tea and coffee as much as possible.

2. Consumption of dry fruits is very helpful in reducing stress and becoming mentally strong.

3. Drink maximum amount of water. By doing this, the infection does not grow more.

4. Take antibiotics under doctor’s supervision.

5. Spending time in solitude and meditating i.e. meditation helps you a lot to become mentally strong.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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