FRIENDS REUNION: Mumbai Police tweeted warning on the pretext of series

‘Mumbai Police’ has issued a funny tweet related to ‘Friends Reunion’ while issuing awareness advisory for Kovid. Mumbai Police (Mumbai Police) shared a screenshot of the teaser of Friends, writing, ‘You can meet with your friends again only after the last season of the epidemic.’ Let us know that Mumbai Police has shared a screenshot of the teaser of the show FRIENDS REUNION released on HBO Max on Instagram.

‘Mumbai Police’ advised people to stay in the house in a special way
It shows the main cast of the show walking towards the camera. Posting the Mumbai Police, the caption wrote, “Re-united with FRIENDS but only after the last season of COVID19 the online meet-up will be there for you.”

One social media user commented on this post of Mumbai Police, writing, ‘This is awesome’, while another user commented, ‘This style of Mumbai Police is quite funny.’ Let me tell you that this post of Mumbai Police is being liked a lot and social media users are also giving a lot of reaction.

Let us know that ‘Friends: The Reunion’ (FRIENDS REUNION) is going to air on HBO Max on May 27. Friends, as you know, is a very old and famous American TV show that first premiered in September 1994 and ran for ten years.

A few days ago the teaser of Friends: The Reunion (FRIENDS REUNION) was released in a new avatar. In this teaser, the friendship of Jennifer Aniston, Kourtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Shimmer will once again try to win the hearts of the audience.


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