From Hold-Up to the TAP protocol: the Order of Physicians is hunting down “savage treatments”

DECRYPTION – The National Council of the Order of Physicians has seized the Haute Autorité de santé regarding a controversial new protocol. For a year, eleven doctors have been the subject of complaints for “disinformation related to Covid-19”.

After doctors Didier Raoult, Christophe Perronne, the protagonists of the documentary Hold-Up and other scandals, new professionals are in the sights of the National Council of the Order of Physicians. In question, the TAP, “early outpatient treatment”, an anti-Covid protocol which has been circulating since January on social networks.

This is a table of prescriptions for non-hospitalized Covid-19 patients, varying according to the severity of the symptoms and different treatments. These combine, among other things, a cocktail of alternative and homeopathic medicines with the intake of azithromycin (an antibiotic) and ivemectin (an antiparasitic). For the most serious cases, TAP advocates the so-called “Raoult” protocol, based on hydroxychloroquine.

At the origin of this “outpatient treatment” relayed by the anti-restrictions site Reinfo Covid and the blog Francesoir, the Free Health Coordination collective, led by the deputy Martine Wonner, defender of the early hours of hydroxychloroquine, and the gynecologist Violaine Guérin, who appears in particular in the documentary Hold-Up. It is a network which brings together the galaxy of personalities known as “covido-skeptics”: those who have been opposed to the government’s health strategy for a year. We find for example the anesthesiologist Louis Fouché, fervent critic of masks, the controversial geneticist Alexandra Henrion-Claude …

A “criminal” protocol

A criminal document ”, said infectious disease specialist Nathan Peiffer-Smadja on Twitter on February 2. “Advice from a head of infectious disease clinic, if you want to reduce your risk of developing a severe form of COVID-19 and not suffer from potentially serious adverse effects, do not follow this madness”. A few days later, the National Council of the Order of Physicians seized the High Authority for Health and the Security and Medicines Agency about the TAP protocol, defended by Coordination santé libre as a “Evolutionary proposal”, “Fruit of work carried out on the published scientific database and feedback from the field of health professionals”.

The Council of the Order of Physicians reminds caregivers to stick to official protocols: “The Order recalls that any doctor must practice medicine in accordance with the data acquired from science, both in the development of the diagnosis and in the proposal of a treatment”, indicates the council, which may, depending on the conclusions of the authorities, file a complaint against the Collective and the doctors who defend the TAP.

Already eleven complaints filed

In April 2020, the National Council of the Order of Physicians had opened the hunt for alternative protocols which “Fall outside the legislation in force”. “In this period of particular vulnerability, doctors must be an even more reliable point of reference for patients”, wrote the CNOM in a press release. “Their word takes on even greater meaning. It would be unacceptable in this context to arouse false hopes of a cure. ”

Since then eleven complaints have been filed by the Council of the Order of Physicians against health professionals in the context of “disinformation related to Covid-19”, and nineteen cases are under investigation. The complaints target in particular Didier Raoult, and Christian Perronne, but also Henri Joyeux, Hélène Reseau-Frantzs and Nicolas Zeller. The Order of Physicians is also examining the case of the twenty or so caregivers who appear in the documentary Hold-Up . If it is not a criminal judicial procedure, the Order of Physicians is able to impose penalties for “ethical breaches”, from reprimand to prohibition to practice.

If the Free Health Coordination collective claims the support of 30,000 doctors, all will obviously not be the subject of prosecution by the Order of Physicians. But we do not know how many general practitioners have in fact applied this controversial protocol: on the site, only 2,500 are actually identified. In the meantime, Didier Raoult will be tried by the departmental council of the Order in the Bouches-du-Rhône within six months.

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