From the birth of the child till the age of 6 years, the parents are unable to sleep properly – Research

New Delhi Parents do not get enough sleep for 6 years after the birth of their child. We are not saying this but in recent research it has come to light.

Research said that adults are recommended to sleep 7 to 9 hours every day, but when you become a new parent, it is not possible for you. Research said that insufficient hours of sleep can disturb your health.

If you are a new parent whose sleepless nights are deteriorating, then people will often advise that if the child turns 1, then sleep will be complete. But in reality this is not true. A new research has shown that sleep quality deteriorates for 6 years after the birth of a parent’s child.

Researchers collected 4,659 parents from the years 2008 to 2015, in which the parents were asked questions related to sleep satisfaction.

Research results found that on average, the mother slept an hour less in the first three months, while the father slept better than her wives, losing only 15 minutes of sleep each night. However, even in the 6th year, most of the mothers slept 20 minutes less than their intended time and the father is still unsuccessful in regaining his 15 minutes of lost sleep.

After the child is one year old, even when the child does not cry in sleep, the parents have the feeling of feeding the child and the child is crying, which disrupts their sleep.

Research has found that not getting enough sleep can cause a decrease in concentration and weight gain. In such a situation, it is better for new parents to be aware so that they can make changes in their lifestyle and lifestyle accordingly.

This news is on the claim of research. ABP News does not confirm this. Before implementing any suggestion or treatment, you must consult your expert.


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