From tomorrow, Mars will form a conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn, a situation of dispute, fight and tension can be created.

Mars zodiac change 2022: According to the Panchang, on February 26, 2022, Mars, the planet of might and bravery, is going to change its zodiac. On Saturday, it will transit from Sagittarius to Capricorn at 3:15 pm. Mars in Capricorn will give its auspicious and inauspicious results till 7th April 2022. In astrology, Mars is also called the commander of the planets. Capricorn is the exalted sign of Mars. But here we are making a conjunction with Saturn. The combination of Mars and Saturn also gives rise to tension, disputes and fights, so these zodiac signs need to be very careful.

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Aries- According to astrology, the lord of Aries is Mars. Mars is considered a fiery planet. The transit of Mars is going to be important for you. During this, you have to control your anger. Money may be spent. Do not spend money on unnecessary things. Take care of your spouse. Avoid the situation of controversy.

Taurus – Taurus people need to be careful during this transit period. During this, take the advice of others carefully, otherwise you may have to bear the loss. Wrong decisions can also spoil the image. The special thing is that the malefic planet Rahu is transiting in your zodiac. Rahu is the cause of sudden events in life. Invest your capital wisely.

Leo sun sign- The people of Leo zodiac will have to control their speech during this transit period. Controversy can arise due to speech defects. Court may also have to make rounds of the court. Beware of enemies. can cause harm. Go through your plans carefully. The status of the relocation remains. Students have to work hard to achieve their goal.

‘Mars’ causes war, on February 26, Saturn’s sign is going to enter Capricorn


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