From weight loss to improving digestion, tamarind juice is effective, know how to prepare at home

Sweet and spicy tamarind is commonly used in various preparations for its sour taste in Indian kitchens. Not only lentils and vegetables but tamarind can also be used for the preparation of fresh drink soup. Do you know tamarind is also good for your health?

Certainly, tamarind is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber which can be beneficial for your overall health. The easiest way to add tamarind to your daily diet is to drink its juice. Tamarind juice has countless benefits for your health.

Ingredients for making tamarind juice
Honey or sugar syrup
Ice cube

Simple way to make tamarind juice
Wash the tamarind and remove all the seeds completely. Combine two glasses of water in a pan and let it boil. Now add tamarind in water and reduce the heat to medium. After a few minutes, extinguish the heat and let it cool down. Sieve the drink. Now mix honey or sugar syrup in water and mix it well. After that serve the juice cold.

Benefits of adding tamarind juice to the diet
Improves digestion – To stay healthy and fit, it is important to have a healthy digestive system. If you have any digestive problem like indigestion, constipation, cramps or bloating, then this tamarind juice problem can be solved. It helps in treating irregular bowel movements.

Good for weight loss Losing weight is not really easy, at least not when you are eating right or not drinking right. Tamarind is a fruit that contains zero fat. However, it is rich in fiber. Foods rich in fiber are best for weight loss. Drinking tamarind juice daily can help in reducing excess weight. Tamarind contains flavonoids, polyphenols that suppress appetite and reduce weight quickly.

Prevents Diabetes The amount of sugar is less in tamarind. Drinking tamarind juice helps in blood sugar level control, which is really suitable for diabetes patients. The active ingredients present in tamarind bring down the insulin level and balance the glucose in the body.

To get its amazing benefits, include tamarind juice in your diet. If you are dependent on medication or are suffering from a health problem, then make sure that you see your doctor before using this juice.

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