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Nagorno-Karabakh, too naive …

I generally appreciate the quality of your articles and reports, the weighting of your judgments, the concern not to paint a too dark picture of the news, by insisting on the contrary on the commitments in favor of justice and peace, as well as your defense of the persecuted in the world. So I was surprised to read for information only, concerning the Nagorno-Karabakh tragedy (Weekly of November 14-15), a rosewater testimony of this young Armenian dreaming of idyllic valleys from which Armenian and Azeri herdsmen would sing in unison. Of course, we have to think about reconciliation, but it is only possible if destruction and suppression of Armenian heritage cease in Nagorno-Karabakh. To obscure this reality is to contribute to the disinformation which deploys a confusing smoke curtain on the policy pursued by Azerbaijan. It is also espousing the cowardice of European governments, seized with fear that Erdogan could break the shameful pact concluded on the backs of the Syrian refugees.

Alain Le Boulluec

Farmers … happy!

Thank you for the file devoted to the recovery of agricultural land, in which you gave the floor to some of our colleagues from the agricultural world. I find your article overall fairly fair and representative of our profession. However I find that you mostly show the negative side when it comes to the amount of work and loneliness. We lead, my husband and I, a mixed farming-breeding operation with a dairy vocation with several diversifications of reception on the farm. We know many young people who settle down as a couple with a common project. Working as a couple still exists in our profession and it’s a great thing to share! You are not talking about the many alternative services and the tax credit that allow you to go on vacation. We go on leave for more than a month a year, my husband and I. In addition, there are also many companies in which the farmer does not work alone. He can free himself every other weekend and enjoy a vacation at least once a year. Finally, you are not talking about grain farms either, which have a lot more time than in animal husbandry and who invest their time and money in real estate. So it’s not necessarily 50 hours of work per day, 7 days a week!

Pascale mangin

Christmas isolated

Thanks to Isabelle de Gaulmyn for reminding us that Christmas is “The feast of the Incarnation of a God who comes to us, in the surprising, unusual form of a child, where we are, Covid or not (Weekly November 21-22). For the first time, at Christmas, I’ll be alone, unable to join family or friends. I will feel very fragile, very vulnerable… This will be, then, the means of uniting myself with all the abandoned, throughout the world… May they become aware that God is with them and that He loves them!

M.-Th. Remy

A bottle in the sea

I am passionately following Pascal Dethurens’ “Contempler” page. I make slideshows with his text from images, which I send to friends to support them in this somewhat gloomy period. For example, Matisse and the hope of an octogenarian to which I added the song of “Tollite Hostias” from the Christmas oratorio by Camille Saint-Saëns. While writing his pages, Pascal Dethurens throws a bottle into the sea, without knowing how far his message will go. However, it spreads to the four corners of the world to enrich our knowledge. Learn, always learn! Keep going! Thank you.

Christian joppin


It is always a great pleasure to read La Croix L’Hebdo. In the last issue, I particularly appreciated the editorial by Anne Ponce, where she talks about “Alleged documentary” conspiratorial. A person whom I have known well, and who, now, has gone into these delusions, bombards his friends, his family, his acquaintances with conspiratorial texts. (…) I believe in fact that we do not say enough about the damage that these conspiratorial and anti-mask theses can do. We should echo this message of distress, of anger against people I consider irresponsible and – I dare say it – criminals.

Joseph chesseron

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