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Small moments of life

Already a year of reading Weekly and that good and beautiful moments shared together. Thank you for these meetings, discoveries, sharing of these little moments of life. We find something to enrich our curiosity through various and varied articles. All styles are present, and well done for the comics. I enjoyed the summer issues with the getaways, the recipes and the pages to activate our neurons. The grandchildren had a great time. Well done to you and continue.


Junk food

I react to the presentation of Christophe Brusset’s book, Organic Impostors (Weekly November 14-15). (…) Throwing anathemas against “junk food” is fashionable, but if you went to most French food companies, you would see that they are very attentive to the quality, to the safety of food – a lot. more than in almost all countries – not because they are saints, but because of the demands of consumers (look in Germany) and the quality of the control services (look in England and the United States). United). So, even good French people, let’s not add to the self-flagellation.

Bertrand vignon

Nagorno-Karabakh, an article that does good

This Nagorno-Karabakh war could certainly have been avoided if the Minsk group had played its role, that of a peace facilitator. It looks like this group has grown used to sterile meetings and soft diplomacy. The Armenians, by wanting to keep everything, have in fact lost everything.

Paul Duret

Cohabitation between Muslims and non-Muslims

Thank you for your file “Islamophobia, investigation into a trick word” (L’Hebdo November 14-15). He conveniently deciphers all the aspects of this suitcase concept which is currently being debated. But we would also need to go further. And in particular that you make Islam better known, to overcome the fears it arouses and give confidence in dialogue. Great figures in our history (from Bossuet to Tocqueville, from Voltaire to de Gaulle, from Churchill to Malraux…) have spoken hostile to Islam. They all suggested that it is difficult to envisage a lasting and serene cohabitation, on the same soil, between Muslims and non-Muslims. What about today ? Is the current experience of Tunisia sufficiently known and encouraged? How can we help to make more audible the words of French Muslims who are authentic bearers of all the values ​​of their host country?

Bernard Grison

I give you my feeling about the photo illustrating the “walk to say stop to Islamophobia”. I find this magnificent photo: here is a dignified young woman, with hair covered with a burgundy scarf, who brandishes the French flag. I see a pathetic appeal: we love France, why don’t some French people love us?

Yves Junet

We can concede to Karima Berger that “Islamophobia” is “An ugly word”(p. 30). But what does she offer instead? Because many other words of our language are not more beautiful, although essential, even when they are polysemous like this one. Gold, “To name things badly is to add to the misery of the world. Not to name things is to deny our humanity ” (attributed to Camus). So why not use “Islamistophobia”, probably not more “beautiful”, but which seems to me to have the merit of clarity? “What is well conceived is clearly stated”, said Boileau.

Jean-Michel Dewailly

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