FSSAI suggested for children, easy tips to make food more delicious and nutritious

Teens can be tantrums and eaters. Due to this their health is affected. But why does this happen? This is because lack of nutrients like vitamins, fiber and minerals in your diet will remove the essential nutrition required by your body.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has suggested favorable tips for health. According to him, a balanced diet, drinking too much water, ignoring foods rich in sugar, salt and oil and boiled or baked foods instead of fried foods are beneficial.

If you do not understand how to make food nutritious and tasty for teenagers, then FSSAI’s suggested easy tips can help you in this regard. Instead of serving the roti and sabzi separately, gather the sabzi with roti and include freshly chopped salad in a roll with homemade chutney.

Add mashed pumpkin and gourd to any gravy ingredients like shahi paneer, butter chicken.

When making white sauce for pasta, just stir in pure cauliflower or gourd of sauce. This is an easy way to add fiber and vitamins.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India suggested easy tips can be suitable for your children. Just you only need to follow the advice.

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