Fuels: the discount of 30 cents formalized by decree with aid for small stations

This is one of the strong points of the purchasing power law adopted this summer, negotiated hard between the presidential camp and Les Républicains. The extension of the fuel discount until December 31 was recorded on Tuesday by a decree published in the “Official Journal”.

The rebate , introduced in April to help consumers cope with historic price increases , is currently 18 cents per liter including tax . On September 1, its amount will increase to 30 cents including tax (25 cents excluding tax) for diesel and gasoline. On November 1, its amount will be reduced to 10 cents (8.33 cents excluding VAT), until December 31.

Help for small stations

The decree also establishes aid for operators of small service stations. Those who request it will be able to receive 3,000 euros if their station has sold less than 500 hectoliters per month on average over 2021. It will be 6,000 for those who sell between 500 and 1,000 hectoliters.

For these companies, it is a “financial compensation”, the rebate having generated for them “worrying financial difficulties”. In fact, when the rebate was introduced in April, many of these stations still had a stock of fuel purchased at prices before the rebate, and which they had to sell at discounted prices, in order to remain competitive with the large stations, explains the National Automobile Federation (FNA), which represents craftsmen in the sector.

Concerns of independent stations

This Tuesday, the FNA was pleased to have “finally won its case”, while worrying about the future, since on September 1 the stations which still have fuel stored at 18 cents will have to make new fuel again. cash advance to store at 30 cents. The federation also regrets that the State, “guarantor of healthy and fair competition”, has, through the voice of Minister Bruno Le Maire, granted “a spotlight” to the TotalEnergies network, which applies an additional discount.

For the FNA, “service stations that are not members of the Total network risk seeing their sales volume drop sharply over the next four months. This government advertising is certainly for the benefit of motorists, but will again weaken the other stations, in particular the independent ones essential to the territorial network, ”she apprehends.

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